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M is for Move; picture book by Vicky Shiefman M IS FOR MOVE
by Vicky Shiefman
photographs by Bill Miller
picture book

M is for move. S is for sing. T is for tag. Each consonant has its own action word demonstrated by first graders in this happy book. It's a great way for children to learn initial consonants. Bill Miller's photographs capture the fun the children are having as they act out the letters. The reader also feels pulled right into the scene.

Consonants always seemed more than two-dimensional to me. For example, you can fold your body into their shapes. And they have personalities. M is good and delicious. Make the sound - mmmm and say some words, mother, milk, me, money, millions, magnificent. True or not, my class and I enjoyed working with a professional photographer, who was formerly a teacher, on this book.

"A good introduction to consonants, using action words."
Joan Miller (no relation to Bill Miller), Reading Teacher, New York City Public Schools
"Engaging photos complement this fresh approach to learning standard fare."
Dr Carol Kent, reading specialist, Pontiac MI School System