Children's Book Writer
My Family
Please meet my larger-than-life mother, two of my favorite family members and my beloved father and brother. Another time I'd like to tell about my many friends, most of whom I've known for years and years.

Vicky and her Mother. Photo1:

In the spring, City and Country School had a field day every year. There were athletic contests to see who could jump the highest, or run the fastest, and booths for fun and games. In one booth, my mother, who was a nursery school teacher, told fortunes. I was so proud of her! She looked so beautiful and mysterious! Not only did she know how to predict the future by reading cards, but, in her costume, she was a creature that I could only wonder about--not the usual mother or teacher I knew.

Vicky and her cousins. Photo 2:

I love visiting my young cousins Yaniv and Lee, their parents and grandparents. When they lived in Austin, Texas, we went to see former President Lyndon Baines Johnson's ranch nearby. Yaniv and Lee loved the horses in their corral and the cows at their milk stations. I enjoyed the one-room schoolhouse where Johnson signed the bill for Headstart preschool programs in front of the woman who taught him, years ago, in that very building.

Vicky's family. Photo 3:

It's fun to dress up and celebrate holidays. While a teacher, I became Mrs. Santa Claus for Christmas and a witch for Halloween. I also painted shamrocks on faces or hands for St. Patrick's Day and hearts for Valentine's Day. My father, mother and brother Joe also like celebrations. Here they are ---at the Detroit Jewish Community Center--- in costumes for the happy holiday of Purim, when Queen Esther saved her people.