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Do you like maps?

I do. I like to know where I'm going. I like to plan before I go. I like to look while I'm on the way. I like to look later, after I get to a place, to see where I am and where I've come from. 

I think there are two kinds of maps: outer and inner.

An outer map shows you something you can see: the planet, hemisphere, continent, country, state, city, neighborhood, block, house, floor or room. 

An inner map shows you something you can't see: your mind. It takes things you think or dream about---your friends or family, games, sports, favorite movies, or books, or places, or classes, or teachers, or names, or words, or things you love or hate, or want to do or change---then draws, labels and puts those things inside a form, such as a triangle, rectangle, circle, diamond or pyramid, to let you know where you're going, and to plan. 

Here is one outer map. It is of Central Park in New York City and has a key to the symbols used on the map.


Here is a map of her bedroom by Dacnarie, grade 4 at Public School 20 Manhattan in New York City. 


Here are three inner maps made by Jennifer, Josue and Yocaira, grade 6, Public School 20 Manhattan in New York City. 




I'd be happy to see your map. Just click on my name to send it to me! Vicky